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Fotoboothevent offers a professional service with high quality products at excellent value for money, starting from just £299.
We aim is to provide the most competitive party packages around and cater for all budgets as we appreciate the high costs that come with hosting any event.

Will The Photo Booth Fit Into The Venue?

In general photo booths will fit into most venues. Our photo booths for hire, are portable and can be carried in and out of venues by one person as well as up and down stairs and in lifts. Assembly of the booth will take place at the spot in the venue where it is to be located and simply requires easy access to an electricity supply. In terms of space the average photo booth size is 2M tall by 1.3M wide and 2.3M long. Most of the time the back of the booth will be sited against a wall so will only require adequate space in front of the booth for your guests to mingle round and access the booth. Our Magic Mirror requires less space than our tradittional photo booths.


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How many people can fit in a Photo Booth?

The Oval shaped photo booth will easily accommodate 4 -5 adults in the shot and up to 6 but its a cosy squeeze.

Why Is A Photo Booth Green Screen A Good Idea?

So how does a photo booth green screen make the hire of a photo booth with a green screen better than one without? The main reason is it is simply more enjoyable and fun for your guests, especially when combined with a supply of props. It also saves a lot of time not having to hang and change different background screens and taking up valuable booth time for your guests. The digital backgrounds are also more photo realistic than cloth or vinyl backgrounds. So if you are looking at hiring a photo booth for your next event be sure to ask and make sure it has a digital photo booth green screen function that will give you and your guests much more enjoyment and value from your photobooth hire.

More Photo Booths

We have other photo booth designs to choose from for your event.

Chesterfield Booth, Red Camper Van Booth, Santa Cabin Booth, All Around White Booth & Magic Mirror (please note: magic mirror does not have a greenscreen)



Free Delivery & Setup

Delivery and setup is free in England, Scotland & Wales, if you live within 100 miles of our postcode "CH7 2QB" the minimum hire time is 2 hours, all other area`s will be a minimum hire time of 3 hours.

"Fotoboothevent: Where Service Counts"

Green Screen with the Photo Booths.

The Green screen is a great way to add a background to the picture, this has to be requested before the event. Various images can be used for the green screen. Unlike other Photo Booths our system uses dual camera technology that can capture a wider angle giving the green screen a better effect.

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